Question by  kamal (204)

How are trucking rates determined?

I would like to understand what my retail store will be charged for shipping.


Answer by  kimber18 (514)

Most companies determine their rates, you have to consider mileage, fuel surcharge (which has been in place since gas prices skyrocketed), size of the company hauling for you, the weight of your shipment. Look for a national company, if you are not ordering a truckload of merchandise, consider an LTL (Less than truckload) carrier.


Answer by  nt17 (125)

Rates are determined by factors such as: - The products you offer, such as dry goods or liquids; are the items hazardous? - Amount of volume or its size - this determines the size/type of truck required. - Distance - how far must the order be delivered? - Speed - how soon does the customer want his order?


Answer by  rebecca0515 (434)

Trucking rates are charged based on mileage. Hoever they do include incidentals like gas , loading and unloading , insurance costs , licensing an dvarious items necessary to run a trucking business.


Answer by  Steve95 (108)

Mostly rates are determined by weight, size, and distance to be transported. Many companies have zones to gauge shipping cost; weight of item times distance to be transported will equal cost. There are other factors such as how fragile the item is or if it has to be chilled/frozen. You will see a discount for full truck loads as well.


Answer by  ironman (75)

Many factors influence todays trucking rates. fuel cost driver pay distance of the haul and in some cases any tolls that have to be paid. also, there is the labor involved in loading and unloading the truck.


Answer by  bunkerhill (825)

Most will charge some kind of flat rate and then a per mile rate. it also depends on the size of the truck.

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