Question by  Megan19 (51)

Has anyone used a Botanicals texturizer? What was your experience?


Answer by  makeupgoddess (24)

I have used a Botanicals texturizer before, and from personal experience I can say that it was a good investment. It makes my hair extremely shiny and soft, and gives me a beautiful silky feel. It never dries out my hair, and is a reliable product that I would recommend to a friend. Hope this helps!


Answer by  Risper (45)

Yes, It enhanced their professional looking waves and curls in a very short time and also kept their style healthy and natural.


Answer by  Jess35 (445)

Botanical texturizer is a great product to add moisture to your hair. It is also all natural, as it uses aloe as a natural moisurizer. Many people use botanical texturizer to help moisturize and manage their hair that can be dry and frizzy. I have used botanical texturizer on my hair and bekirvr it's a great product.

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