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Question by  dirk1134 (26)

Has anyone had experience with using Mirena after childbirth?

I am considering using Mirena after I give birth but I wanted to hear other people's experiences.


Answer by  AshersMomma (67)

Had Mirena put in 6 weeks after the birth of my son. I ended up getting it removed because the side effects were irritating! Bloating, cravings and unpredictable cycles were just the beginning. I know it works for some people but I would not personally recommend it.


Answer by  meghanwagner (18)

I had gotten Mreina four years after I had my first child and had it taken out after six months. At first I really liked it but then it started to bother me during and after intercourse. My advice to you is to try Merina and see how it works with your body because everyone will react to it differently.


Answer by  emily66 (10)

I had the mirena put in after the birth of my daughter. It worked for approximately 2 years and then one day apparently it shifted and caused room. As far as pain goes it did not hurt and I never felt it.


Answer by  justaskforbrandy (553)

I have the Mirena right now. I had my daughter three months ago, so I've had the birth control for a little over 2 months. I haven't had any bad side effects yet. It didn't hurt when they put it in because you're still pretty numb down there from childbirth.


Answer by  Tessninky (224)

It is advised that you should not use Mirena for six weeks after the child has been born or until your doctor says it is safe.


Answer by  martine (860)

I actually have had the Mirena in for two years now and I LOVE it. I have not had any problems with it at all. No periods after time, no maintenance. The strings that stick out can poke a man during intercourse if cut too short.


Answer by  noodles101 (238)

My sister uses Mirena and she has had some problesm with it moving out of position during intercourse. This is common with all IUD's. The other things you would need to consider is that you can not use tampons with this method of birth control. And you will have to wait three months after pregnancy to use it.


Answer by  sailoryue (853)

it is best that you ask your doctor. of course before using any IUD birth controls you must be sure that you are fully healed.


Answer by  bdbolin (167)

The hormone used in Mirena can appear in breastmilk, so if you are nursing ensure that you consult your doctor regarding safety. Mirena can't be used until six weeks after you've given birth, so it may not be the fastest contraceptive solution.


Answer by  Startwearinggreen (340)

Yes I did, it worked fine for me. Just go to your doctor and see what they advise you to do. Just because it worked good for me doesn't mean it will for you.


Answer by  kittykatrw (17)

I took mine out after three months, due to chronic back aches, head aches, and dizziness. It has the same chemicals as the now US-banned Norplant. Definently research it.

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