Question by  murali (14)

Does your hair go back to the way it was after a curly perm wears out?

I don't want to ruin my hair.


Answer by  lynn (821)

I have had several perms over the years and my hair always went back like it was. As it grows the roots come in however your hair was before just like if it was dyed. The ends retain the perm till it wears out or you cut it.


Answer by  SarikOstheim (211)

Yes. All getting perms do is change the shape of the amino acids in your hair. That's why washing right after a perm is not recommended: it helps it revert.


Answer by  Valentine62 (2131)

A perm does not wear out, but the perm will follow your hair to the ends as it grows. Cut it off then, to get it back to its originality.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

I would like to say it does, but i have actually had an experience with my sister where she had beautiful straight hair. She decided to do a perm, and her hair never was the same. It is now ver curly and full!

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