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Question by  shimapan (10)

Does Snapple make iced tea?

I love their fruit drinks.


Answer by  jwalk (389)

Snapple makes a variety of teas, many available in diet, including Pomegranate Raspberry, Apple Plum White, and Lemon. They use black, green, white, and red tea leaves.


Answer by  TV (305)

Yes. Snapple offers a wide variety of iced teas. Snapple offers regular tea, diet tea, green tea, black tea, white tea, red tea and oolong tea as well as other types of tea. They make fruit flavored teas such as raspberry, mango, peach and asian pear.


Answer by  cpncrash (424)

Snapple not only makes the best fruit drinks they make the best iced tea on earth. You can get it plain, sweet, lemon, raspberry, or peach.


Answer by  Trueakitalover (1728)

Yes, they have several different types of tea, black, green tea, red tea. It has a good variety of flavored teas also.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

They have many different flavors of ice tea including lemon iced tea, peach iced tea, raspberry iced tea, green tea, and mint tea. The list goes on. You can go to the official site and look up all the flavors available.

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