Question by  Mudge (33)

Does Sentinel work for cats?


Answer by  Kimi (432)

Yes, Sentinel flea prevention does have products designed for cats. However, they should not be mixed--if you have Sentinel dog products, do not use them on your cat.


Answer by  melodym (51)

You should never use a medicine intended for dogs on a cat, and vice versa. There does not appear to be a Sentinel brand medicine intended for cats, so it would be best to stick to products like Frontline or Advantage. Those products make medicine specifically for cats as well as dogs.


Answer by  Lynne49 (180)

Cats can be put on a liquid program or a flavor tab, given once a month. Along with flea collars and flea baths for additional prevention.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

Yes, just make sure that you get the stuff for cats. Sometimes you can get the dog one, just make sure you get the dosage correct.


Answer by  jhitchin (92)

The active ingredient in Sentinel (lufenuron) will work for cats, but it should be given in a delivery system designed for cats. Do not give dog medicine to your cat.


Answer by  Callenz (3)

I believe it does. I don't use it though. I use Frontline but my friend uses it and she says it works well. She has never had any problems with it. It works and doesn't cost as much as my Frontline. I'm actually thinking of switching to it.


Answer by  Shellsmeanderings (13)

It did NOT work as expected; however, she treated all her pets (inside & OUT) and the second time and it worked great.


Answer by  Anonymous

Program is the name of the version made by the same company for cats. Never give something intended for a dog to a cat.

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