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Question by  Michele76 (34)

Does lemon juice get out stains on clothing?

I would like input before I try it, and it ruins something.


Answer by  ApprenticeJenn (959)

A lemon's acidic juice has long been a trusted way to remove light stains from white, natural fibers such as cotton and linen. Sprinkle the stained area lightly with salt and rub with the cut side of a lemon. Place in the sun and wash when the stain is gone. Do not use this method on colors or synthetic fabrics.


Answer by  donnahiggy (71)

Most stains you can soak a sponge in lemon juice and then sponge the stain. Then rinse the fabric in water, blot out excess moisture and let the fabric air dry. When dry, apply a laundry pretreat solution and wash in warm water. For stubborn stains, soak in detergent for about 45 minutes and wash again.


Answer by  Mariana39 (440)

Lemon juice will clean stains, but use it only on white fabrics – it reacts like bleach, so it will cause discoloration stains on colored clothes.


Answer by  Sett (1838)

Sometimes lemon juice can lighten the spot you are trying to get the stain out of because of the natural acid. You can dissolve an aspirin and rub gently on the spot, the acid in the aspirin is better because it will not lighten the material and it will absorb into the stain and dissolve any debris.

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