Question by  Afarnesi (13)

Does jet lag affect memory?

If so, it is long term or short term?


Answer by  afoschin (23)

Yes it does. This is short-term. For the first day or two when being in a new place, your mind is trying to adjust to its new surroundings, rather than remembering details about everything. This subsides not long after you rest up, and rehydrate.


Answer by  Ferret (118)

Jet lag should not effect memory. The only proven effect of jet lag is fatigue, due to the time change. This fatigue might weaken the immune system, which would make the person more open for colds or flus, but this shouldn't apply to memory loss.


Answer by  Danie (993)

It is possible that being jet lagged can affect your memory but potentially only in the short term until you are adjusted to the environment. Once you get back to your regular sleep pattern you should be fine.


Answer by  Ann89 (613)

Generally jet lag will make you feel incredibly tired and drained of all energy. In turn this will cause short term memory as your body no longer functions. When you get a decent nights sleep the symptoms should deminish.

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