Question by  asha152002 (20)

Does hctz cause hair loss?


Answer by  missliss08 (34)

HCTZ has some common, and serious side effects, hair loss is not one of them. If you experience hair loss you can report it to the FDA, for investigation of a new side effect.


Answer by  AnjoBanjo (271)

Hair loss is a possible side effect from taking hctz which is a common drug for high blood pressure taken by many people.


Answer by  tania18 (168)

In some case it does but it is usally not a lot. It is difficult to determine because people usually lose hair for different reasons.


Answer by  Julia28 (41)

In most descriptions of the drug side effects there is not much about hair loss but it would be logically understandable to assume that hair loss is a possible consequence of using a first line diuretic which reduces reabsorption of sodium. And as it is well-known a deficit of sodium causes hair loss.


Answer by  tface1000 (147)

HCTZ has sometimes been reported to cause hair loss, but if the loss seems excessive, you should consult your doctor.

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