Question by  way2cute (23)

Will taking Ortho Tri Cyclen result in hair loss?

I am on Ortho Tri Cyclen and have been experiencing hair loss.


Answer by  Anonymous

A potential side effect of ALL hormonal birth control pill is "scalp hair loss. " The likelihood varies from brand to brand (and person to person), but all have the potential. After 3 yrs of OrthoTriCyclen, I am calling it quits! My hair has thinned too much.


Answer by  MM (26)

Ortho Tri Cyclen, the name for a specific type of oral contraception, is not the cause of your hair loss. While the hormonal treatment does have side effects, like vaginal bleeding, change in vision, or blood clots, hair loss is not one of the listed side effects, so your hair loss is probably the result of something else.

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This is false. Scalp hair loss is a potential side effect for hormonal birth control pills. It varies with the brand\'s androgenic activity.  add a comment

Answer by  Abbie (282)

It is hormonal and it is most likely caused by the pill, however, the good news is that the hair loss will slow down and subside shortly. Whenever you start a new birth control pill you will have some effects, like hair loss. It`s the same as when you get pregnant, and after you have a baby.


Answer by  Lenore (237)

According to the manufacturer, hair loss has been reported in users but Ortho Tri-Cyclen hasn't been confirmed or ruled out as a cause. Oral contraceptives work by manipulating your hormones, so women with a predisposition to hormonal hair loss might want to choose alternative forms of contraception.


Answer by  Huntress (1935)

According to the American Hair Loss Association hair loss can be triggered by Ortho Tricyclen with women who are predisposed to hormonal related hair loss. If there is a strong predisposition of hair loss in your family then it is recommended that you find a non-hormonal birth control treatment.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Ortho Tri Cyclen birth control pills do not typically cause hair loss in either gender. Stop taking the pills and see your doctor.

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