Question by  Dave45 (2)

What is the best hair loss remedy?

I have just started to loss my hair.


Answer by  Princess33 (84)

Try to determine the cause of your hair loss. This will help you select a course of action. It might be because of a poor diet, stress, or a change in seasons. If you are able to eliminate all of those factors, it might be a hereditary problem. You could try Rogaine, or your doctor could prescribe medication.


Answer by  Romz (222)

If hair loss runs in your family, there is no treatment to prevent it. You can either shave your head or obtain hair plugs.


Answer by  Almallela (108)

You should use any shampoo that has keratin in it. Keratin is a mineral that helps preserve your hair and helps it grow. Thus, you should use this for sure.


Answer by  AnnaSmith (15)

The best remedy for loss hair are the one natural 100%. I was loosing hair and after i dye my hair with black henna my problems dissapear: my hair didn`t loss anymore and it was much glossier than before. I recommand henna for all problems with hair and much better henna dye you hair whatever color you wish !


Answer by  srinee (94)

You need to first care about your food. Eating more fruits or driking fresh fruit juices can definitely reduce hair loss. Wash your hair daily with mild shampoo. Dont expose the hair in too much dust or heat.


Answer by  rachelsjulia (0)

I had experienced hair loss too but the best hair loss remedy which actually cured my hair loss is Reloxe because they have the vitamins and tablets which offer improved effects. Try to search reloxe on google for your more information.

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