Question by  cary (111)

Does Crystal Gayle dye her hair?


Answer by  KFreesen (97)

Yes she did dye her tresses. According to her grandmother she has dyed it a shade known as auburn. Some say it might be the color of mud. Her hair was originally a shade of red. Regardless, this will probably make her harders for the authorities to track down in Kentucky.


Answer by  melissaslater (68)

Crystal Galye was born in 1951, so if her hair isn't gray it has to be from hair dye. I know that she did cut all of her hair off. And that is one of the things that she was most famous for.


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

With American Indian heritage, it's possible that her hair has been slow to gray, but at 59, it's more likely that she touches up the roots.


Answer by  Marybeth (841)

Crystal Gayle was born in 1951, at her age if is it still dark then I would venture to say she certainly does, but I have not seen a picture of her in years. Only her hair dresser knows for sure. Her sister does for sure, why not her too?

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