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Question by  josearaujo (31)

Does anyone make gluten-free beer?

Does it taste good?


Answer by  br657 (167)

Here are a few: Discovery Amber Ale, Honey Beer (formerly Honey Passover Beer), Celia Framboise; there are many more. Don't know how they taste. More can be found with research.


Answer by  charliegirl (33)

Yes, there are several breweries that make gluten-free beer varieties. As far as flavor, it isn't bad, but definately doesn't have the same flavor as regular beer


Answer by  JonW (9)

There are various gluten-free beers available for purchase. It's usually brewed using Sorghum which definitely gives a slightly different taste and smell than your average beer. As a lover of microbrews and exotic beers I think it tastes great. It's a slightly darker beer with normally a fruity taste. As with most beers the taste depends on the brewer.


Answer by  sc1234 (1319)

Yes, there are several brands that make gluten free beer. These are typically brewed from non-traditional grains. They taste good, depending on the maker.

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