Question by  Cocoa86 (8)

Does anyone have teaching tips for Riemann sums?

Any suggestions on how to teach Riemann sums.


Answer by  cgroverla (516)

Before showing the complicated notation, draw an upper Riemann sum on top of your example curve. Have the students compute the area. Do the same for the lower Riemann sum on the same curve. Then introduce the notation for the sum and explain the notation using the example already worked.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

I would just not teach it. Too difficult. Hire a tutor or get a subsutitue for your class. Maybe you can powerpoint online lessons and that will be easier for you.


Answer by  Clement (1453)

You might ask your students to draw rectangles and show sums. You can also make use of numerous applets available on-line.


Answer by  Vanasatchy (816)

It can be pointed out and verified to the students Teaching tips for Rieman sums give us a closer look at the are under a curve as well as the numerical approximation involving trapezoids and parabolas. The accuracies will verify in estimating f(x)=sin(x), [0,621318]. There will be a bit of error.

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