Question by  Lorbeer (304)

Do you wear underwear with athletic supporters?

I have never played sports and want to make sure I put my child in the right thing.


Answer by  mg (219)

For adults, this is a matter of preference -- most professional athletes do not, or they wear some form of underwear that incorporates the supporter. For children, the supporter and cup are generally worn over briefs. This is for comfort as well as sanitary purposes -- children's uniforms may be worn by several different individuals.


Answer by  Butter (68)

I have played sports for 30 years. Yes you wear your underwear with your athletic supporter. I have known fellow athletes that prefer not wearing underwear.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

You COULD let your child wear underwear over the athletic supporter but most athletes do not. The standard practice is to wear the athletic support instead of underwear.


Answer by  Anonymous

depends on ur preference and which provides more comfort and ease

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