Question by  Olive (1195)

Are thick cotton underwear for toddlers a good product?

I need to know the reviews and opinions of the thick white cotton underwear for toddlers


Answer by  darla (94)

Not for potty training. They are supposed to help potty train because they feel the wetness and it's uncomfortable but the urine goes straight through and ends up on the floor. Why get cotton underwear that will make a mess when you can buy pull-ups that accomplish the same thing without the mess?


Answer by  Rose (6804)

The thick white cotton underwear for toddlers is a great option to pull ups when potty training. They allow the toddler to be aware when they are wet as well as absorbing some of the urination to prevent rashes and other clothes from becoming drenched.


Answer by  gummie (738)

Most toddlers are at the stage of 'potty training' and many have frequent accidents until they master the art of toileting. The thick cotton underwear is a great idea for children in this age group. They can easily pull the underwear up or down and if an accident ensues, the underwear is thick enough to absorb the urine.


Answer by  mdzzz17 (99)

yes,these thick cotton underwear for toddlers a good product. these are very comfortable and also worthy in cost. i am using these and i am totally satisfied

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