Question by  mike2799 (24)

Do you think Sergeant's Western wear is of good quality?


Answer by  Shoshanah (232)

From what I found on the web, Sergeant's Western wear is a company that focuses on riding material like saddles and basic outdoor items like coats. I read a few of the reviews and they all said it was good quality. One person mentioned the prices were nice and another said her cowboy boots really fit and lasted.


Answer by  benstac (1928)

It's of good quality. The boots specifically are made of real leather and double stitched, so they are built to last and wear. However, it is comparable to other brands, so it's not something I'd go out of the way to purchase.


Answer by  DijendraSingh (26)

Sergeant's Western wear is basically inclined towards outside dress material like coats and boots. Its not much a brand and is mainly cotton and gives a great quality.


Answer by  Jenny25525 (708)

It's of great quality, but the thing is it is a no name brand. If you don't mind that the brand is no name, then wear it. They will last you for a long time. And keep in mind anything that is 100% cotton is of good quality. It will not get lint on it.

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