Question by  Carol7 (38)

Do you think it's okay to use someone else's wireless signal?

Do you think it is stealing internet?


Answer by  samar (124)

I don't think its safe and polite to use somone's wireless signal as maybe the other person is a fraud and sends fraud emails and if he gets caught, I might as well.But many people use it if they get a chance because its all free and they enjoy it.


Answer by  Danie (993)

It is not considered stealing the internet, however you can be putting yourself at risk. By using someone else's wireless connection, your information is not secure and can be accessed by other people just as you are able to do so. I would suggest not using an open connection.


Answer by  Stush (28)

Suppose I plugged an electrical cord into an outlet on my neighbor's house so I could run my appliances using his power. Everyone would agree this is stealing and not okay. However, ask the same question about wireless internet, and many disagree it's stealing. There's no difference. It's not okay to steal internet from your neighbor.

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Except every minute you use their electricity it costs them money and every time you use their wifi it costs NOTHING!  add a comment

Answer by  debmalewski (1085)

It is illegal to use someone else's wireless connection. It's no different than using someone else's cable television connection. Stealing is stealing, in general, and even though it's "invisible" you are still taking something that you have not rightfully paid for. There are usually places that offer free access, like the library, if you need internet.


Answer by  Moose (10)

I believe it is okay to use someone else's wireless signal, if they didn't want other people to use their connection they would place a password on said connection, however if someone is using another persons wireless signal that is password protected without consent I would then think it wrong.


Answer by  beatification (60)

I think as long as you are not making it unusable for the people who are paying for it, it's fine. I always have an open network at home. Imagine how much better the world would be if we all shared internet so it was available everywhere.


Answer by  abbylee (31)

If they were terribly concerned with such, they'd have a password on the connection. Your information isn't secure, however. I don't really consider it stealing the internet. There's really nothing morally wrong with borrowing signals.

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