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Question by  rilla (10)

Do you have to be a certain size or age to ride the Matterhorn at Disneyland?


Answer by  DisneyFan (21)

There is no particular age requirement for the Matterhorn, however there is a height requirement of thirty-five inches. There are places to measure your little one in the line.


Answer by  christie18 (81)

Matterhorn Bobsled requires riders to be at least 35" (89 cm) tall to ride. The Matterhorn is molded after a mountain on the Swiss Alps.It was first opened in 1959 and has udnergone many repairs since then. The ride typically lasts for 2:07 and maximum speed is 27 miles per hour.


Answer by  lindalulu (6)

There are height/age/health restrictions for the Matterhorn as well as many of the other rides. In general, you must be over 35", over 3 years, not visibly pregnant or unable to walk/ride without assistance.

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