Question by  ravi9j (14)

Do women still wear pantyhose?

All the women I see now have bare legs.


Answer by  Sarah1736 (6)

Some still do. It depends on where you are. It may also depend on the age of the woman. My mom still wears pantyhose, and sometimes I see others wear pantyhose. Maybe if it's required of their religion to do so. In Rome, there are some areas where it is not permitted to show skin.


Answer by  CateP (171)

I believe that some women still opt to wear them for professional reasons in certain industries like banking or the legal profession. Otherwise, pantyhose are not very popular. I have seen tights make a resurgence during the fall and winter season as they help keep the legs warm so you can still wear dresses and skirts during the cold months.


Answer by  prissymissy (1895)

Women do not usually wear pantyhose now. Older women still wear them but younger women do not. Tights are very popular with young women now. They make lots of different styles and textures and they are especially common during the winter. Sometimes young women will wear pantyhose to church but not often.


Answer by  PHOAT (645)

Not unless they have too. If you have ever worn them, you'd understand why. They are awful, even the really nice ones. We still wear tights in winter though!

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