Question by  kmac (235)

Do they make special dinnerware for Thanksgiving like they do for Christmas?

I'm looking for Thanksgiving plates.


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

Yes. There are many patters available with a fall oriented pattern. Many of the mass merchants carry these in the fall of the year. JC Penny, and Belk also carry holliday pattern dinnerware. For specific patterns you can view these at and other specific brands websites. I would suggest checking for these on sites such as e-bay.


Answer by  amm870 (57)

I found plates with Turkeys on them at Kohl's one year. The Dollar Tree has fall patterned plates, not specifically Thanksgiving, but they would look nice on the holiday table.


Answer by  Lori46 (26)

Yes, usually offered during the seasonal time you can purchase Thanksgiving themed dinnerware at almost any store that sells dinnerware.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

Absolutely! You can usually find them easiest during fall, just before they put out Halloween items. Look for autumn colors - shades of brown and greens and even burgundy for a darker tone. You can typically find plates and server-ware in leaf and turkey patterns. Pumpkins are great for Thanksgiving decor too(1/2 it and hollow it, use as serving bowl/dish.

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