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Question by  kepke (46)

Do they make rainboots specifically for women?

Who makes the best pair?


Answer by  booboobear (139)

Most rain boots are marketed specifically to women and come in a variety of colors and patterns. Almost every designer brand has its own rain boots. Try Marc Jacobs.


Answer by  Niq (204)

Yes. The "best" pair is really at the discretion of the customer. Totes is known for being a great manufacturer of all things rain, but honestly you can find you a great comfortable pair in Target or Walmart. I found a pair in TJ Maxx and I've had them for about 3 yrs strong.


Answer by  Brian71 (82)

Yes they do make rainboots that are specifically for women. In general, these are very distinct from men's rainshoes. Women's rainboots are much more girly and feminine, while men's rainboots are far more rugged.


Answer by  trtmom (25)

There are many types of rainboots for women. Burberry Check Pattern Rain Boot are fashionable and will let everyone know you are serious about the rain.

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