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Question by  Amber (23)

Do I need a surge protector for my refrigerator?


Answer by  Anonymous

Remember electric surges do travel in your wiring, but they also can travel through water & metal piping. So, if you have a surge protector and an ice maker connected to the home's metal piping... a surge protector has only closed one surge pathway to your refrigerator.


Answer by  Anonymous

I just lost my 5 year old refrigerator to power outages that ruined the compressor. The refrigeration specialist said to get a surge protector with atleast 20 amps or a whole house protector. Definitely need one!

Reply by mangosteen (272):
are you implying that there are surges when the power goes out? or is it when the power comes back on after the outage?  add a comment
posted by Anonymous
My 5 yr old GE Refrigerator stopped cooling. The repairman said it is the compressor. So I wonder if it was a surge that knocked my compressor out. He is coming with a new compressor tomorrow, I'm going out today to buy a surge protector.  add a comment

Answer by  cheerup (16)

You should carefully check your owners manual for proper installation instructions. Some refrigerators with delicate electronic circuitry for monitors or such, may require surge protectors. If you are concerned of the need for your refrigerator, you may want to consider a whole-house surge protector installed on your main breaker box.


Answer by  mouse09 (20)

While most refrigerators do not require surge protectors, some refrigerators have been known to malfunction during power surges. I would use one, just in case.


Answer by  chrisp (13)

No, the powering elements inside of the refrigerator will not be sensitives to fluctuations in power. A simple direct connection is the easiest way of powering your refrigerator.

posted by Anonymous
We own a 5 y/old Frigidaire. The experienced repairman admitted that he had learned something new. The compressor's relay has a circuit board. This was not the case previously. Lightening took out the board. Same thing happened to the family across the street. Repairman now admits I need a protector.  add a comment

Answer by  mpelle (343)

Yes, because in case of a power outage or a system spark you want your refrigerator to be on at all times so your food doesn't spoil and though.

posted by Anonymous
NO, that is done with an uninterrupted power supply, not a surge protector. A surge protector is a good idea, but will NOT provide power to keep the refrigerator on during a power outage.  add a comment
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