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Question by  aksourav (41)

Do goldfish sleep?

They must need to sleep but my fish never seem to sleep.


Answer by  codyligon (107)

Contrary to popular belief, goldfish do experience a sleeping state, but they are typically in more of a resting state, aware of their surroundings. During this resting state a goldfish stays in a single location, near the bottom of the tank, which adds to the stability of the fish while "sleeping. "


Answer by  Anonymous

I don't think fish sleep. It's just don't appear to me that they sleep. All I've seem them do is swim around, even at niqht in the dark. I just don't believe they do:)


Answer by  viker66 (26)

Goldfish do not sleep. They just swim around in a slumber all the time. There life is pretty lacks a daisy, therefore they do not require sleep. They are able to keep there energy going by preserving it by not getting in too big of a rush.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

All fish sleep, including goldfish. Though they may appear to be awake, and possibly may even move about the tank. Generally fish like it to be dark and quiet while they sleep, so it probably sleeps at night while you're sleeping as well.

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