Question by  exbankworker (58)

Do dogs get depressed?

My dog has a tough time in the winter. He just lies around and mopes and has no energy. When spring comes, he perks up. Is he depressed?


Answer by  coloredpony (12)

A repeating pattern of this behavior indicates your dog does suffer from SAD, seasonal affective disorder. It is a common diagnosis for the winter blues. Special lights that mimic sunlight can be turned on during the day. Visiting an inside dog park or arrange a play day with pooch friend will also help him deal with the gloominess.


Answer by  jenifercarter (35)

Dogs can beecome depressed. A variety of factors can play a part, like the amount of time the dog is away from his people can create severe depression, especially if the separation is new. (ie the owner takes a job and is gone ten hours a day when he was home all day before.) Medicine is available by veterinarian.

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