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Question by  sumaya (31)

Did World of Warcraft Mastery help you?


Answer by  sobroke79 (126)

This game helps alot because it causes you to think. The more complex a situation is in the game, the higher level thinking skill you are using. I see the game more like math because of all the thinking that goes into. The game helped me with making decisions and becoming a leader.


Answer by  rightlight (1053)

World of Warcraft mastery is not helpful to anyone in the real world. It doesn't have many transferable skills, unless you happen to be good with computers.


Answer by  HelpfulAndy (1107)

World of Warcraft mastery helped me more than any other influence on my life. Evem more than my own family. World of Warcraft Mastery made me the man I am today. I'm a successful in-game vendor, and I'm about to get married to the love of my life.


Answer by  fiddlefaddle (883)

It was a welcome change. It made the game less boring with new rules and made people specialize their characters more.


Answer by  Lisa50 (493)

When I was going through the mastery manual, I noticed some of the tricks I had already learned by playing by myself and learning through experience. The mastery helps with some steps you may not understand, but that's about it.

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