Question by  L33 (9)

Did Mark Harmon get custody of Sam Nelson?

The case was highly publicized and then I didn't hear anything else.


Answer by  aflojo (12)

Mark Harmon did not get custody of Sam Nelson. At some point, he dropped his bid for custody. He was given visitation rights, however Kristin Nelson was given custody.


Answer by  StarGal (74)

This was highly publicized back in 1987 when Harmon did sue for custody of Kristin's son, whose father was the late singer/actor, Rick Nelson. Ultimately, Harmon did not get custody, and Sam was raised by his mother with Mark having visiting rights.


Answer by  TexasJess (20)

The custody battle between Mark Harmon and his sister for Mark's nephew, Sam Nelson, was very heated. In the end, Mark's sister retained custody of her son.


Answer by  happymouth (5)

Mark Harmon did not get custody of his nephew, Sam Nelson. His sister won the rights to Sam, after a very public, aggressive battle.

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