Question by  erning (10)

Did Marilyn Monroe have a bipolar disorder?

I've heard conflicting stories.


Answer by  ckechula (173)

Everyone wants to know if Marilyn Monroe had a bipolar disorder and the answer is yes. According to her Internist, Dr. Engelberg, she did have th disorder. The reason why she had it was because it was mostly genetically inherited.

Reply by ractos (2):
It is now convenient to blame a supposed diagnosis of 'bi-polar disorder' for Marilyn's unnecessary death. It shifts the blame away from her psychiatrist Dr Greenson and her internist who prescribed way too many powerful drugs. Today they both would face malpractice charges.  add a comment
Reply by ractos (2):
Essentially, her doctors over prescribed her w/strong drugs. They gambled with her life and should have been brought up on charges, today they would have been. Bi-polar? Its a way to shift blame.  add a comment

Answer by  cin (6)

Some people claim that Marilyn Monroe had bipolar disorder, but it hasn't been proven conclusively. Her strange behavior could have been the result of drug or alcohol addiction.


Answer by  Erynn (1651)

At the time bipolar disorder was not named until 52; it was still new and she probably never saw a psychiatrist capable of diagnosing bi-polar disorder. She is suspected to have been a sufferer, much as Vincent Van Gogh and many other troubled but brilliant individuals. Unfortunately, this is a case where the definitive answer is "Maybe".


Answer by  MathWiz (1408)

We will never know for sure now that she's no longer with us. It is known she suffered from depression, and recently some people have been discussing whether she was actually bipolar.


Answer by  Anonymous

My key indicator is her depressive episodes, and her alleged IQ of 168. Intelligent and creative people tend to be disproportionately Bipolar/depressive than those with lower IQs.

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