Question by  Metaru (16)

Why did Marilyn Monroe die?

I can't remember the circumstances surrounding her death.


Answer by  TMATM (499)

She was found dead by her house-keeper. Officers arrived and suspected murder, but it was ruled a probable suicide by "acute barbituate poisoning", or drug overdose, by the Coroners Office. Because of her ties to pro athletes and President Kennedy, her death is the subject of many conspiracy theories.


Answer by  Addy (162)

Although a beautiful woman with critically acclaimed talent, Marilyn Monroe was not without personal problems. That's most likely why the Los Angeles Coroner deemed her chloral hydrate (a sedative) and Nembutal (another sedative in the barbiturate family) overdose a "probable suicide. " "Probable" being the key word, since it's widely acknowledged Monroe's overdose may have been accidental.


Answer by  ewam (403)

Well there are three thoeries that I've heard. The first one is that Monroe was upset about how the Kennedy brothers were being dealt with, so some say suicide? Others think things were going so well for here that it must have been an accidental overdose or even a murder.


Answer by  Anonymous

the kennedys were worried about their reputation and they decided to do something about it. sad.


Answer by  mnlehman (26)

Whether accidental or not, Marilyn Monroe definitely died from a drug overdose, way before her time, if you ask me.

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