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Question by  Bpg (84)

Could an infected tooth be causing pain in my jaw?


Answer by  amber33 (1941)

With your jaw it could be a number of things that could cause it pain. An infected tooth is one of these that can cause pain.


Answer by  cindy (1484)

An infected tooth is a common cause of jaw pain. The pain from the tooth radiates or spreads to the jaw. The pain will cease if you take antibiotics to treat the infected tooth. If the pain remains, than you may be suffering from another problem in the jaw itself and than the tooth is just coincidence.


Answer by  mama86 (245)

Yes, an infected tooth could cause you to get pain in your jaw and all over your mouth. Since this is an infection it will not get better on it's own and you should seek help from a professional before it gets worse


Answer by  CJ81 (232)

Yes. This is called tooth abscess and will likely result in the loss of your tooth. Abscess can cause pain, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, fever, bad breath and bitter taste in mouth. The infection will continue to spread down your jaw unless treated promptly. Antibiotics and aggressive dental care will be needed in this case.


Answer by  TeresaL (150)

Yes because if you have an infected tooth it could be abscessed which would cause a lot of pain on that side and you would have to get antibiotics to get rid of it.


Answer by  Stephanopolous (54)

I am not a doctor but if you have an infected tooth, the infection could have spread to your jaw or gums. Infections can spread anywhere so if I were you I would ask my doctor to take a look.


Answer by  Aubs (1089)

Yes, it certainly could. Often times, infection travels through our body to other various places rather than just staying in its originating location. An infected tooth can cause infection to get into your blood stream and the whole area around it will become sore.


Answer by  Eric519 (16)

If a tooth is infected, the pain may spread from one area of your mouth to another. When one of my wisdom teeth was infected last year, the pain spread to my jaw. It also caused swelling which lead to more pain.

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