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Question by  amiller (12)

Can you watch the West Wing online?

What seasons are available?


Answer by  Badymaru (119)

No, NBC has taken The West Wing off of their online viewing. If you want to be able to watch the West Wing, you should buy the official DVD box sets. As of 2006, all seven seasons are available on DVD as well as there being a "gift box" containing all seven seasons and some bonus content.


Answer by  thelostone (1457)

Yes you can watch it online. you can even find the most recent season if you know of the right places. I have personally seen several wewbsites that offer the different episodes for instant viewing. Some of them require you to pay, be careful if they are free as this is a form of copyright infringement.


Answer by  Lalaurie (48)

Yes, the West Wing is available online. You can watch it streaming, although my guess is most of the episodes will be uploaded via MegaVideo meaning you will only have forty five minutes per day to watch those episodes. On the website, there are seasons one through seven.


Answer by  Ateen (37)

Miss the political drama of the West Wing? Finding all 159 episodes of the popular NBC series is as easy as surfing the the Internet. All seasons are available and absolutely free! Watch at the West Wing at your convenience and as often as you wish. Behind-the-scenes activities at the White House were never better!

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