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Question by  dennisaustin (22)

Is there anywhere online I can watch full episodes of "Buffy, The Vampire Slayer" for free?

I am only interested in legal watching.


Answer by  Feasel (1766)

You can go to Hulu, there will be commercials though (How they keep it legal and free). Most of the episodes are free to watch, but there are a few that do require you to pay a little money.


Answer by  JohnHolmes (2660)

You can get some of them on a website called . In addition to this show they have thousands of other shows which they stream for free. The website is US based and is legal in all 50 states. There are no fees for most of the free streaming content.


Answer by  princessbiz (6)

There are places like vivo TV that do actully allow you to watch things for free. Most places actually have their own websites for each TV show. Look it up on google, and you should find many things available.


Answer by  thewerewolfmage (520)

With a quick check there are episodes of Buffy on Hulu. They seem to be full length but I'm not sure if all are there.

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