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Question by  TrevinoL (22)

Can you use singstar for ps2 on a ps3?

I have the singstar ps2 game but a ps3 console.


Answer by  Lauren101 (42)

Yes you can, there is a free update online so you are able to play your PS2 games on the PS3. Once you have updated your console through the Playstation network, load your PS3 dics and then swap over for the PS2 singstar game.


Answer by  kttribal (61)

The singstar game can be used on the ps3, but only if you purchased the most expensive version of the ps3. The ps3 does offer backwards compatibility all the way back to the ps one.


Answer by  drew12 (244)

It depends on your model of ps3 you have. Only model numbers 20 GB CECHB01 60 GB CECHA01 80 GB CECHE01 are able to play ps2 games.


Answer by  nixpins (62)

It depends on which model PS3 you have. Older PS3s have the ability to play PS2 games, but newer model PS3s had the functionality removed, making it so you no longer can play PS2 games on it.


Answer by  tofulass (36)

Yes, you should be able to play Singstar for the ps2 on the ps3. PlayStations are all made by Sony, and are designed so that when you upgrade to a newer model, the older games are still compatable for it.


Answer by  baseballlover22hotmailcom (19)

Yes, the ps3 had a free online update allowing you to play ps2 singstar on ps3 by inserting any ps3 singstar and then swaping it with a ps2 singstar.


Answer by  Hasan72 (572)

You have to update your console through the Playstation network and then you can play PS2 games on PS3. You have to load a PS3 disk first then swap over for the PS2 singstar game and start playing. Newer PS3 models don't support playing PS2 games because support functionality has been removed.


Answer by  yoyo72 (50)

Yes you can use singstar on a ps3 console but only on the older consoles! The new "slim" consoles do not accept old version ps3 games. Although you can still enjoy the game on your ps3 it may be advisable for you to purchase one of the more recent versions of the game for the ps3

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