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Question by  worker1037 (28)

Can you back-up your X-Box games to a hard drive?

I'm worried something will happen to my game.


Answer by  NoblesseOblige (444)

You cannot legally back up your Xbox games to a hard drive. You can install them onto the xbox hard drive, but you must still have the disc to play the game itself. It is highly illegal to copy and attempt to play "back-ups," and this practice can have you banned from XBox Live.


Answer by  snowmanaxt (16)

Not without modifying you X-Box, which not only violates the warranty but can be dangerousas it could break the machine.


Answer by  JohnCroker (68)

You can do it. But it will be useless. You will be not to copy the backup to X-Box. It has a protection to system files. This means that you can copy, but you will be not able to play.

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