Question by  droford (53)

Can you use a PlayStation 1 game saver in a PlayStation 2?

Some people tell me I can, some say no.


Answer by  DDeSoto (196)

If you're referring to saving games to memory cards then it can be done. You cannot save Playstation1 games to Playstation2 memory cards. You need a Playstation1 memory card to save Playstation1 games. Although the game and card will work in the Playstation2. Playstation2 games cannot be saved on it.


Answer by  KalKally (55)

Yes, you can, but you must use a Playstation 1 memory card. You cannot save a PS1 game on a PS2 card.


Answer by  cresandsuzanne (115)

Yes you can use a PlayStation 1 game saver in a PlayStation 2. As long as you are saving data to a memory card the consoles can read them. Try to keep the dust out of the slot.


Answer by  jheremans (1446)

Yes you could very well use a PS1 saver on a PS2, I use it all the time just plug it and save.


Answer by  jaclark586 (359)

I have a Playstation 2 and while you can use Playstation 1 games in the system you cannot use a Playstation 1 game card for saving games. You can however save Playstation 1 games on a Playstation2 card.


Answer by  rhistory (224)

Yes, use a PS1 game memory card in a PS2 but only for saving of Playstation 1 games. If it is a PS2 game you need a PS2 card.


Answer by  salamander (408)

i would assume so, being that you can use all ps1 stuff for the console, games, controllers, cords too i think? try it see what happens.

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