Question by  someonewhoknows (36)

Can you tell me how to deal with a nasty mother-in-law?

I have to interact with my husband's mean mother.


Answer by  MusicalKate (109)

You and your husband should sit down with her and try to find out why she is being so nasty. Perhaps a resolution could be made. I usually don't advocate ultimatums but perhaps you need to wake her up and make her realize she's risking losing her son.


Answer by  Annika5 (171)

My first thought was to move far, far away lol. Hopefully your husband is being supportive regarding this situation. Maybe the two of you could discuss not spending a lot of time with your m-i-l. Hopefully she doesn't live right next door or just down the street.


Answer by  Divalicious (99)

Is your mother in law always nasty and to everyone? If she is then she sounds like a very unhappy woman. Your son really should be the one to talk to her and perhaps even recommend counseling or a life coach. Something like this can ruin marriages unless resolved.

Reply by Olddad (94):
Ya'll are right about the son talking to her. If the daughter in law does it prob will cause even worse probs.  add a comment
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