Question by  Dyson (55)

Can you tell how to replace a red, white, black wire outlet?


Answer by  manuelr78 (43)

You need to get the same type of outlet that you want to replace. Unwire the outlet taking a good look of the wire's position. Wire the new outlet.


Answer by  fightfire50 (23)

turn off breaker, test with meter to make sure it is off, remove wires from old outlet, put white wire on nuetral screw, black and red go on hot screws.


Answer by  mani (813)

The red wire is switched wire,to be fixed on one of the dark screws, the black on the other. The white wire to the light colored terminal.


Answer by  Mike35 (17)

This sounds like an AC wall outlet. You should consult a licensed electrician, because this voltage has a potentially lethal shock, and can cause fires if wired improperly.


Answer by  nicholas34 (606)

yes, first you need to buy a new outlet, make sure you turn the switch for that room off then strip the wires on both ends, soder together seal with electrical tape and seal back in the wall and your set

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