Question by  noitall (9)

Can you suggest some gift ideas for a golfer?

I don't golf, so I have no idea.


Answer by  Victoria88 (63)

Depends on your budget. Ideas range from a package of your golfer's favorite brand of golf balls and tees, to a wide selection of handsome polo shirts and trousers (you can find these in gift shops located on golf courses, or in sports stores), all the way up to a new high quality putter, or a full set of clubs.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Give him golf balls, since many golfers lose these. Or give him something he uses on the golf course, be it a polo shirt or sunscreen. You could also pay for a round or two at his favorite golf course, essentially paying for his play time. You could give him a gift certificate to his favorite course.


Answer by  RaresIurean (29)

A golf club would be very nice, but a professional one and a ball that harmonizes with the ball. The golfer loves that. or if the golfer has enaugh golf clubs and balls, try a golf hat, he would love it


Answer by  Jo3355 (575)

Golfers love gifts! Some of these may include a new golf club (expensive) or maybe golf balls or golf towels. There are also golf shirts or every style and color. How about a gift certificate to their favorite club for 18 holes?

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