Question by  sajanjiv (85)

Can you suggest a baby name that means "strong?"

We're having a boy.


Answer by  LauraCalico (278)

Karl, which is a form of Charles, is one boy's name that means "strong;" in fact, the name means "strong and manly." The name can also be translated to Karel (Czech), Kalman (Hungarian), or Karol (Polish). Brian, which is of Celtic origin, is another name for males that means "strong."


Answer by  Aaron20 (71)

Well first it all depends on the name since each one comes from a different Origin. Ones that mean strong that sound good to me in my opinion are the following: Alcandor, Carolas, Chale, Cathal, Erol, Kaori, Lí, Takeshi and Zhuàng. There are others but I couldn't list them all.


Answer by  questionkid (146)

There are numerous male names that mean strong throughout the world: Ajax, Angus, Armstrong, Brian, Burkett, Charles, Christopher, Darrick, Edward, Everett, Ethan, Garret, Jarred, Rainhard, Raymond, Reginald, Richard, and Val.


Answer by  maple (6)

Alcander is a male, greek name that means strong. Some related names are Alcinder, Alcindor, Alkander and Alkender. The name is also rather uncommon and is likely to stick out and grab people's attention so that those named Alcander are more likely to have opportunities for people to rely on him so that he will actually become stronger.

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