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Question by  mitchelld (122)

Can you substitute yogurt for ricotta?


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

These cannot be substituted for each other. They can be used alone for low fat cooking, in sauces, and gravies. Low fat ricotta can be used in Lasagna and does not change the texture of the plate. However, if you want to make a thicker sauce you could add a little flour.


Answer by  amiv (249)

Yes, for recipes containing eggs, but you need to drain it first. The easiest way is to put the yogurt in a coffee filter, in the filter basket, and set the basket over a container for several hours. The result will be more sour than ricotta, but you can compensate by sugar to taste.


Answer by  katherineagmailcom (140)

It depends on the recipe. Yogurt is a very different taste than ricotta. Also, ricotta is very high in fat, yogurt is much less fattening. Yogurt is smooth, ricotta is not. This may work for a sweet dessert, but if the recipe would work best with a smooth, lower-fat ingredient, then stick with yogurt.


Answer by  Danie (993)

I would not recommend substituting the yogurt for a bit of ricotta. The flavors of the two items are so different as well as texture that you will taste something "off" with the yogurt instead of the ricotta. If that doesn't bother you, than you can go ahead and use.

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