Question by  Luke (41)

Can you still have your menstrual cycle during pregnancy?

I'm only a few weeks along.


Answer by  sj24 (76)

No it is not physically possible to have a menstrual cycle and be pregnant. However you may experience some spotting during early pregnancy. That's not your period.


Answer by  Bob53 (414)

You cannot get your menstrual cycle while you are pregnant. If you are menstruating, then you are not pregnant. You can however bleed during pregnancy. Light spotting can be normal, especially early on. Heavy bleeding is usually a sign that something is going wrong. If you're having any bleeding during pregnancy you should contact your doctor right away.


Answer by  Inked (278)

It's normal to experience a cycle when you're pregnant. Though it's not typical for all women, some do have spotting or still have their periods.


Answer by  Lisa50 (493)

That bleeding during pregnancy is not a menstrual cycle. It is caused by ovarian cysts. They burst inside the uterus. The bleeding is probably more than normal, so talking to the doctor will be a great idea.

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