Question by  tweetybird (34)

Can you steam clean soap scum?


Answer by  cheldi (95)

Soap scum will need need some scrubbing. If your steamer has a small stuff scrubbing tip, use that on the steamer. If not, I would scrub the soap scum with a microfiber towel. Vinegar is great for soap scum. Moisten the scum and rub baking soda into it before you spray with vinegar if it's really bad. Then steam.


Answer by  Karissa12 (81)

I have extremely hard water where I live and I do use my portable steam cleaner in the shower twice a year. It does help loosen it up without any nasty fumes but still requires some scrubbing unfortunately.


Answer by  fesdre (655)

I don't see why not. Steam is a very good way of cleaning things without having the chemical smell. If that doesn't work, try Tilex.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well the steam would definitely help to remove the scum off the surface. However there would still be a bit of scrubbing involved.


Answer by  Jasminesalomie (17)

I use a mr. clean magic eraser with my elbow grease. Once removed, wiping the walls or using a squeegee after each shower is going to go a long way toward keeping the stall clean. Products desigined to be sprayed in the shower to keep it clean do tend to work as well.


Answer by  turkworker (1007)

Yes, it is possible to steam clean soap scum. Your best bet is to use a commercial steam cleaner because it tends to be more powerful and effective than one that you buy at the store. You will need to move the steamer tool in horizontal or circular motions to soften the soap scum and cause it to melt.

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