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Question by  ChrisMPJ (91)

Can you simplify 2-3(4x-1)-(7-x)3?

I need assistance with understanding how to solve this equation, tell me how to do it, not just give me the answer.


Answer by  mathtutor (19)

To simplify 2-3(4x-1)-(7-x)3 you first perform mutiplication since there aren't parenthesis or exponent-->2-12x+3-21+3x, then combine like terms and you get -->-16-9x.


Answer by  Mac44 (479)

Multiply through the parentheses first- 2-(12x-3)-(21-3x). Then take everything out of parenthesis and don't forget two negatives make a positive- 2-12x+3-21+3x. Then combine like terms- -16-9x. Order of operations and remembering that subtracting a negative is like adding are the most important parts.

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