Question by  jennyv8 (133)

Can you reapply if you were not accepted to lay school?

I was not accepted to law school.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Yes, you can reapply. However, you will have better standards if you apply to a lower tier school for which there is less competition. You may also want to consider paralegal training, which can pay as much as a low lawyer salary but doesn't require a bar exam.


Answer by  Kar (111)

Yes you can reapply to law school. Just because you werent accepted the first time does not mean you won't eventually get in. It might be a good idea to retake your LSAP test again to bring up the score. YOu might want to also look at other schools apply to more than one.


Answer by  anniek (14)

I can apply to a different law school at any time. Its always a good idea to apply to more than one school to begin with. Schools accept and deny applications regularly and are always ready to look at new ones and old ones again. Prepare a new application.

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