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Question by  johnand (14)

Can you purchase beer at Walt Disney World?

I will be vacationing there in a month.


Answer by  TMyers (1084)

Yes as long as you are over 21 you can purchase beer at Walt Disney World. It's sold at most of the restaurants and some of the gift shops. You can not, however, bring your own alcoholic beverages into Disney World.


Answer by  John19 (30)

Good news! The answer is yes. Beer can be purchased in EPCOT center. Not only that but they offer beers from around the world.


Answer by  Jenna (587)

Yes and No. You can't purchase alcoholic beverages in the Magic Kingdom... but EPCOT is a whole different story! Adults over 21 will be able to find many kiosks and areas that serve beer and other alcoholic drinks. I'd recommend the pub in the England section of EPCOT for a great beverage.


Answer by  lildizzy (11)

I believe you cannot buy beer in any of the theme parks in Disney but you can buy beer at the local restaurants.


Answer by  ianok (28)

Sure you can buy beer at Walt Disney World, you will have to drink it within the licensed premises. A word of warning, don't drink too much before climbing onto the rides.


Answer by  hahagal (983)

There are several stations throughout many areas in Walt Disney World where you can purchase beer. Even though you can purchase beer you can not bring the beer into the entrance at Walt Disney World. There are also several sit down restaurants where you can not only serve beer but great mixed drinks as well.


Answer by  Corielizabeth (29)

I am almost positive that you are not allowed to drink in any of the parks. The restaurants may serve beer, but I know you can't walk around with one.


Answer by  MickeyandMini (0)

Alcoholic Beverages are sold at all Walt Disney World(R) Theme Parks and Downtown Disney(R). Magic Kingdom Park(R) used to be considered "dry", but now serves beer and wine (only at dinner) in its newest restaurant "Be Our Guest". It is a part of the New Fantasyland(R) addition that opened 12/6/2012.

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