Question by  nsmith21137 (22)

Can you lay new carpet over an old carpet?


Answer by  Evie (37)

In my opinion, you can't lay a new carpet over an older one because the old carpet is full of dirt, even if you vacuum it everyday, plus will not look so compact , and will not be easy to walk on it. If you want a neat ending of your flooring is better to replace the old carpet.


Answer by  Jeff5761 (109)

It is not recommended to install carpeting over old carpet. It only take minimal time to remove the old carpet and padding. While it is up is a perfect time to check your subfloor for damage. You also need to replace the tack strip for a good install.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

New carpet should always over padding on a bare floor. Otherwise it probably wont stay down. You will also not have the right amount of padding underneath. Just remove the old before installing any new.


Answer by  Maiu (64)

Laying a new carped over an old one isn't recommended as the old carpet may be stained, or with odors or mold and these will likely transfer to the new carpet as well.


Answer by  Anonymous

It can be done as long as the old carpet isn't too dirty or have ridges on it. We did it and had no problems-gave a lovely feeling of deep pile plus kept the rooms very well insulated. Saves on new underlay-excellent idea if your carpet is in good nick


Answer by  setrip (158)

You can lay new carpet over old. Some advantages of this is that you don't have to remove the old carpet and it acts as an underlay.

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