Question by  kipcat (1964)

Can you help me troubleshoot my electric dryer that is not staying on?


Answer by  flasker (120)

If your dryer turns on and runs but shuts off before it finishes a load it could be a over-heat sensor shutting it off. The dryer could either be overheating or the sensor is malfunctioning.


Answer by  Heather83 (281)

One very serious reason that your dryer may be turning off is that it's overheating. Verify that your lint filter is cleaned and the exhaust tubing that runs outside the house is blowing air and it's clogged.


Answer by  alex2007 (24)

First I would try to make sure the cord is correctly plugged into the outlet. After that try to see if the knobs are turned correctly.


Answer by  Geri (5)

The first thing you may want to check is to see if the dryer is plugged into the electrical socket to ensure power is getting to it.

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