Question by  heenan1833 (11)

Can you grow a green tea plant?


Answer by  ladydiamond (64)

You can purchase green tea seeds from your local green house, and plant your very own green tea plant in your backyard. Green tea usually takes longer when planted from seeds, and grow well in sandy soil. In order to reduce weeds, it is best to plant around the green tea. It can take years before the plant grows.


Answer by  HCShopper (105)

Green tea is not a type of tea plant, but it the tea you get from harvesting the leaves of the tea plant when they are very young. You can grow any type of tea plant and harvest the leaves early to make green tea.


Answer by  writergalfriday (325)

The plants can be grown from a seed. Place the seed either in a clay pot indoors or outside in a garden bed. Water the seeds daily and make sure they receive plenty of sunlight. Harvest the leaves by plucking them from the bud. Store in a covered tea canister.

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