Question by  deltron3030 (29)

Can you go squirrel hunting in Kentucky?

I am planning a trip to Kentucky soon.


Answer by  khgore (124)

Yes you can go squirrel hunting in Frankfort, Kentucky. Kentucky's fall squirrel season is going on right now. It closes Nov. 10-11 for the first weekend of modern gun deer season, then re-opens Nov. 12 and continues through Feb. 29


Answer by  epaulzy (119)

Yes squirrel hunting is legal in Kentucky. Make sure you contact your local DNR station before you go out though for information about bag limits.


Answer by  dougie (10)

Yes.It is better to go when the weather is hot and trees are full with leaves.Unlike hunting later in the season, it's difficult to rely on your eyes or a squirrel dog to locate squirrels.The early season squirrel hunter's first job is to listen for pieces of nut shells falling from trees and look for these cuttings on the ground


Answer by  balakrishnan (24)

Yes I will go squirrel hunting in Kentucky. Will you arrange the visa, air-ticket and the expenses? If you are ready to arrange these things I will come with pleasure. Squirrel hunting is prohibited in my country. But some hunters go to forest and hunting the squirrels.

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