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Question by  MrSoul (26)

Can you give me some information on cooked chicken and bacteria?


Answer by  cece46 (222)

Cooked chicken is less likely to contain bacteria than raw chicken. However, you must be careful as far as the preparation of the cooked chicken. Do not use utensils to cook the chicken that have been used on raw chicken. Always wash cooking utensils to avoid cross-contamination. Cook chicken until it is no longer pink in the middle.


Answer by  thom0045 (350)

It is very important that chicken is fully cooked before people eat it. Uncooked chicken can easily carry E-Coli and other bacterias that can cause illness. Furthermore, it is important to store cooked chicken in refrigerators; even cooked chicken can carry bacterias if it's kept at room temperature.


Answer by  bidurpan (105)

Cooking destroys most bacteria, so still hot cooked chicken should be safe. However, there is still some danger when the chicken cools. To prevent cold cooked chicken from growing bacteria, put it in the refrigerator as soon as possible.


Answer by  Esteme (274)

To keep chicken safe to eat, you will need to cook it to a specific temperature. It's safer to overcook thank undercook, and no part of the chicken should be pink or reddish looking. Also, be sure whatever touched the raw chicken was cleansed with something antibacterial in order not to contaminate the cooked.

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